We are general OEM cosmetics manufacturer which undertakes planning
to development and produces by owning cosmetics,
and quasi-drugs manufacturing factory and laboratory.


SoapGuidance of the OEM Prescription

Soap お肌のために洗うということの答えがここにある。良質な泡立ちとお肌へのやさしさはこだわりぬいたナユタだからこそ実現できます。

Three kinds of higher fatty acids are selectively used which are suitable for soap.

The general soap is made from oils, fats and the soap groundwork raw materials including miscellaneous fatty acids.
Nayuta’s soaps are made from only three kinds of higher fatty acid for washing component which are suitable for forming foam and gentleness to the skin.

脂肪酸 Characteristics of the soap
c8 Caprylic acid Weak DetergenceHave stimulation to the skin  ・Insoluble in Water
c10 Capric acid Have stimulation to the skin   ・Insoluble in Water
c12 Lauric acid Well foamed  ・Superior in detergence  ・Have stimulation to the skin
c14 Myristic acid Gentle on the skin  ・Well foamed  ・Superior in detergence
c16 Palmitic acid Gentle on the skin  ・Superior in the foam durability
c18 Stearic acid Gentle on the skin  ・Superior in the foam durability
c18 Oleic acid Gentle on the skin  ・Hard to foam  ・Easy to form acne
c18 Linoleic acid Gentle on the skin  ・Easily oxidized  ・Soap is easy to collapse

We call lower fatty acid for less than c10 and higher fatty acid for more than c10


  • Mild prescription ofapproximately 45% in moisture components, and cleansing components are held down to 40%.
  • Quickly foam, and detailed and well-riched foam
  • We implemented a mild and alcohol-free in the solvent and transparentizing agent.