We are general OEM cosmetics manufacturer which undertakes planning
to development and produces by owning cosmetics,
and quasi-drugs manufacturing factory and laboratory.



How many are the lots?

Depending on the property of the productand the inner capacity of the product, we are able to produce from around 1000. In the case of the soap, 1000~ is possible.

About how much will it cost?

The price varies by prescription contents, capacity, and specifications.
We are able to provide you an estimate beforehand if the contents of prescription is concrete.

How should the container or the package be arranged?

In our company, we have container manufacturer and printing company as our clients, therefore we could arrange containers and paper materials as an agent.

How much would it cost for trial manufacture?

The trial manufacture is provided free of charge until the prescription is determined (if using expensive raw materials, there are cases where charges will be compensated partly).

How long does the trial product complete after the request ?

It depends on contents of the trial manufacture, but we will be able to submit in approximately 2-3 weeks.

About how long does it take until commodification?

It depends on the number of trial manufacture, stability examination, delivery date of the container material arrangement, but we could say it would approximately need four months for about three months to commodify.

Can you combine supplied materials?

It is possible to combine supplied materials basically. In that case, it becomes the premise that it is matched to the cosmetics raw materials standard. Please contact us when handling of supplied materials.

How long does it take for the soap tp be delivered?

Since our soap prescription do not require the dry process, delivery of goods is possible in approximately 30 days.

Is it possible to have a tour in the factory?

Yes it is possible. If you wish to have a tour of our factory, please contact us.