We are general OEM cosmetics manufacturer which undertakes planning
to development and produces by owning cosmetics,
and quasi-drugs manufacturing factory and laboratory.


Privacy Policy

Nayuta Co., Ltd, establish [the privacy policy in the web site] based on "a privacy policy ," and manage this website (http://www.nayuta-cosmetic.co.jp/).
This privacy policy is established to confirm the collection, use and the manage of our customers personal information in this website.
Our company observe the laws and ordinances about the personal information protection,and believe the most importance in appropriate collection, use, and management thoroughly in our company for our customers to feel safe in using our website.

  • 1. About collecting personal information
  • 2. About the use and offer of personal information
  • 3. About disclosure of the personal information, revision, and deletion
  • 4. About the link
  • 5. About updating privacy policy
1. About collection personal information
In the information that can distinguish the authorized individuals such as a full name, an address, a phone number, the e-mail address from "the personal information" described in this privacy policy. When requesting a customer for an offer of the personal information in this website, we state the purpose of collecting clearly on the Web page and proceed collecting after obtaining the customer’s consent.
2.About the use and offer of personal information
The personal information collected from a customer are only be used in an extent of obtained consent, and will never be disclosured to a third party without an agreement. However, in case of legal request from a court, the police, consumers center or the organization with the authority that followed these, we will disclose the collected information.
3.About disclosure of the personal information, revision, and deletion
When requesting the disclosure, revision, or deletion of the personal information, please contact the contacts listed on the particular Web page for providing the personal identification. We will contact the customer as soon as we can confirm the identification.
4.About the link
This Web site includes the link to some external sites, but do not share personal information.
Since we do not take responsibility on the personal information collected in the linked Web site, please refer to the privacy policies of the link Web site.
5.About updating privacy policy
This privacy policy may change accompanied by the changes in laws and ordinances.
In that case,we place the latest privacy policy in this Web site. In addition, we will notify our customers by sending a confirmation of agreement by e-mail when using the personal information exceeding the contents which the customers obtained its consent.The customer has the option of usage of personal information.