We are general OEM cosmetics manufacturer which undertakes planning
to development and produces by owning cosmetics,
and quasi-drugs manufacturing factory and laboratory.


About OEM

OEM of Cosmetics and Quasi-drugs   We make original cosmetics for our customers.   We support producing our customer’s products by flexible correspondence.

Overflow of OEM

The flow of our product development.
Starting with our suggestion of the contents to trial manufacture development, we respond fully from production, filling, and arrangement of the materials, also we are able to answer in a wide variation in cost performance and different lot sizes.
In addition, we make an effort to manage the obligation of keeping confidentiality and the intellectual property which we gain trust from many of our customers.


Please contact us by phone or email.

no2Desired Product, Concept Hearing


Please consult us about a product image (an item and desired concept of the product and a sales system and target, budget, etc) of your company.



Based on the image inquiries, we propose plan of the product.
Also, we convey the estimate budget.

no2Prescription Development・Material Selection


We start our prescription development by the given image.
At the same time, we proceed embodying the finished product image including selecting container, package design, etc.

no5Experiment・ Evaluation / Stability Examination


We have our customers to evaluate the quality and usability of the submitted trial product, and coordinate prescription to be able to get closer to a desired image of the product .

no6Final Prescription, Submission of Official Estimate

When an official prescription is determined and the specification of the containers are fixed, we submit an official estimate.
In addition based on an order due date, we set the delivery date of the completion product.

no7The Conclusion of Basic Transaction Contract Document

After having reached an agreement with quality and the cost of the product, we discuss the conditions of the transactions and we conclude the deal by drawing up an agreement contents in the contract document.

no8Product Order・ Pharmaceutical Application

After receiving the order form (or the order confirmation), based on prescription, the specifications of the order product, we start conducting arrangement of various raw materials, adjustment of the filling schedule also reporting to administrations based on the Drugs, Cosmetics and Medical Instruments Act.

no9Completion of the Product/Final Product Examination


After the manufacturing process of the products end, we perform the final quality check, and the shipping date of the product determines after the passing the examination.

no10Delivery of Product


We deliver the completed product to the designated place of our customers.