We are general OEM cosmetics manufacturer which undertakes planning
to development and produces by owning cosmetics,
and quasi-drugs manufacturing factory and laboratory.


All In One Gel CleamGuidance of the OEM Prescription

All In One Gel Cleam

Drying, ultra-violet rays, aging, active oxygen, hormone balance etc., the skin is affected by the stress every day. By the skin stress, water, sebum, and the balance of NMF collapse immediately.


Healthy skin holds well-balance in these 3 factors.

Nayuta’s gel cream is created based on healthy skin balance.

Gel made from the same balance of the skin can maintain and keep the normal process of our natural skin to be healthy.


  •  The gel prescription which reproduced the moisture balance of the healthy skin.
  •  Lotion, emulsion, beauty essence, and moisture cream, all these functions are completed just by one.
  •  Gently gives skin moisture by additive-free prescription.
  •  More than 80% are the touch of fresh and watery moisture.