We are general OEM cosmetics manufacturer which undertakes planning
to development and produces by owning cosmetics,
and quasi-drugs manufacturing factory and laboratory.


Factory Information


Nayuta Misato Factory

Our company have the manufacturing factory of cosmetics and quasi-drug in Misato, Saitama.
Our cosmetic factory is able to respond to small details, we are confident of producing small lots in variation, and we maintain our production and production system to be able to adapt to many circumstances in answering the needs of out customers. Of course, not only the small lots but we are also available in manufacturing large lots such as more than 1,500 kg a day.
We acquire ISO9001 and putting effort on making quality management system on providing same quality to our customers.

Factory Sketch


Factory Entrance Air Shower

We sterilize our hands by absorbing dusts in the entrance for resisting dust and bacteria from entering the factory.

  • Air Shower
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Experiment room

  • Experiment room01
  • Experiment room02
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Weighting capacity room

  • Weighting capacity room01
  • Weighting capacity room02
  • Weighting capacity room03
  • Weighting capacity room04
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Adjustment room

  • Adjustment room01
  • Adjustment room02
  • Adjustment room03
  • Adjustment room04
  • Adjustment room05
  • Adjustment room06
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Filling room

  • Filling room01
  • Filling room02
  • Filling room03
  • Filling room04
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The first packing room

  • The first packing room01
  • The first packing room02
  • The first packing room03
  • The first packing room04
  • The first packing room05
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The second packing room

  • The second packing room01
  • The second packing room02
  • The second packing room03
  • The second packing room04
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Production facility

  • vacuum emulsification kilns 500kg・・・・・・・・・・one
  • vacuum emulsification kilns 200kg・・・・・・・・・・one
  • vacuum emulsification kilns 100kg・・・・・・・・・・one
  • Cabinet type demineralizer (RO porous membrane)

Production Facility

  • Gear capacity type (liquid, viscous) combined use filler
  • 4 piston cylinder type filler
  • In-line Cappers
  • 2 Shrink devices
  • Semiautomatic labler
  • Pillow packer
  • All automatic soap press machine
  • Soap stretch packer
  • Heat shilling device for refill pouches
  • 3 Lot printers