We are general OEM cosmetics manufacturer which undertakes planning
to development and produces by owning cosmetics,
and quasi-drugs manufacturing factory and laboratory.




In Nayuta factory, we create products carefully one by one for our customers to feel safe using our products. Our factory holds wide variation and small lots enable us to meet customers needs.


Gel Cosmetics

It has been 30 years since our company demands easy and assured, safe moisture care for customers to use continually. Let us introduce our gelatinous cosmetics such as all in one gel cream to cleansing, face masks, essence, etc.

News & Releases

2018年12月06日 ~年末年始のご案内~
2018年06月14日 ~夏季休業日のご案内~
2017年12月20日 ~年末年始のご案内~
2017年07月13日 ~夏季休業日のご案内~
2017年04月04日 第8回 化粧品技術産業技術展 CITE Japan 2017